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' Dear Prime Minister Trudeau:... I simply cannot resign myself to the fact that in my lifetime I am required to resort to a public letter to the leader of my country to point out that political criticism has now become such a crime in Canada that if professionals dare engage in such activity, government-appointed commissars will threaten their livelihood and present them with the spectacle of denouncement and political disgrace.

There is simply and utterly no excuse whatsoever for such a state of affairs in a free country. '

Jordan B Peterson, PhD, C. Psych (for now)

Professor emeritus, University of Toronto

nationalpost.com /opinion/my-critics-have-weaponized-the-college-of-psychologists-disciplinary-process-for-political-reasons

Ryan Brooks says- Ill bet Trudeau has more than a dozen complaints as well, Does that mean we can remove him? This country is a disgrace...

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Not too far from the truth, it seems, in Kanada today. Krazy

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...more......what the PHAC!!!!!!!!!!!! https://gettr.com/post/p240jgced09

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As I understand it, currently JBP is right in the middle of a circle of shitstorms (which is a difficult position if you want to clean your room). From the left he is getting business as usual, and the dissident right is not happy with him speaking out against internet anonymity.

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